Dry house – 10 years on…..

Dry house – 10 years on…..

Re-visiting an old completed building.

Grainge architects have always maintained strong relationships with their clients and often these relationships are long lasting. As architects it is always great to be able to re-visit your designs as they age, and working in the wide range of sectors that Grainge do, often allows this to happen. Most of the staff visit the local commercial projects such as Darts farm or Tiverton pannier market regularly, but private houses, health or educational buildings are often harder to get the ‘full tour’ as time passes.

Grainge architects have been back to the X-centre on Exeter’s quay recently to help provide the Guinness trust and the building users with some architectural photographs of the building in its current use, with the building users. The building is used for many purposes including conference facilities, a recording studio, media suite and social and healthcare development programmes. Grainge originally designed the building using the footprint of the former drying house that burned down and it formed part of the rejuvenation of the quay and leatside with the Foyer project. The building forms part of the character of the quay, but most people don’t realise how good it looks from the inside too!

Grainge architects took new photographs of the building in use, over several different days and various activities. It was an interesting insight to the building’s idiosyncrasies and character 10 years since completion. Below are some of the images that were taken.

link to x-centre project page

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