Strawberry Hill

A bespoke residential scheme for 42 dwellings designed to sit comfortably on its edge of village setting, providing a mix of open market and affordable housing.

Land at Strawberry Hill was identified as a draft allocation for housing within the East Devon Local Plan with emphasis on its sustainable location. Designs were developed following a character appraisal of the village and proposals included a simple palette of materials used in a variety of ways, reflective of the local architecture.

The layout retains and enhances natural features of the site, resulting in a landscape-led residential development divided into two parcels to provide a public green open space at its centre. This enhances ecological benefit and visual amenity for residents, as well as providing pedestrian connectivity within the site and out to the wider village.

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The proposals respond to the local identity of Lympstone, offering a coherent extension to the village that is of its time. The architectural design has been carefully considered against the local vernacular and village character and seeks to deliver a response appropriate for the site, from the wider masterplan to boundary detailing.

Project Details

3 West Group
Lympstone, East Devon
Residential and Masterplanning