Seabrook School Development

Seabrook School Development

Grainge Architects latest new school project has been submitted for planning approval to Exeter City Council on behalf of the Exeter Diocese.

The proposed Church of England Voluntary Aided primary school is located within Grainge Architect’s Seabrook Orchards Housing Development which borders Topsham. The site is next-door to the former Royal Navy Supply Depot, now Persimmon’s Greenacres site. It will provide two form entry with a total capacity of 420 pupils across seven year groups with 30 pupils per class. The school will also include a nursery accommodating 26 full time equivalent three to four-year olds & eight two-year olds.

The school is expected to be operational by September 2016 & will be the first element of the proposed Seabrook Square which will form the heart of the Newcourt Development Area.

An opportunity has been created for a combined community focus, based around the school. Ultimately a community hall, doctors surgery, retail outlet, & cafe will all combine around the central Seabrook Square and this along with the pedestrian routes, cycleways & connections within the adjoining Newcourt Development will ensure that the Seabrook Square remains the central focus of the area.

The main school hall will face directly onto the square enlivening the space. Dropping off children in the morning & picking them up in the evening will establish the square as a lively busy place when combined with the other proposed uses. The building itself is designed to be welcoming to children, staff parents & the local community. The clients brief was to design the school to be a physical demonstration of the Christian love & respect that aims to be at the heart of every church school.

Grainge Architects Seabrook Orchard

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