Pool Travelodge nearing completion

Pool Travelodge nearing completion

A quick update: One of our current hotel schemes is shaping up nicely now. The new Travelodge in Poole, a 125 bed, 5 storey development on the riverside is beginning to emerge from it’s shroud of scaffolding. A gym on the top floor and ground floor retail units completes the development.

The external facade is largely render and incorporates coloured panels of Rockpanel cladding. A steel frame, SFS walling and use of pod bathrooms has helped ensure a swift delivery.

From a design point of view the use of Archicad BIM has helped streamline the workflow within the office and across the design team.

We’re very much looking forward to the completion of the Travelodge which is due May 2016. Updates to follow.

Grainge Architects Travelodge Hotel    

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