New Housing at Seabrook Orchards, Exeter.

New Housing at Seabrook Orchards, Exeter.

The first phase of our Seabrook Orchards development is taking shape on the Topsham Road to the east of Exeter.

This scheme derives its character from the local area. Local distinctiveness has been achieved within the scheme by the promotion of a design code which was based upon a detailed examination of the local vernacular architecture of Topsham & the most coherent residential suburbs of Exeter. A rich & varied hierarchy of streets, lanes, mews, cycleways & pedestrian footways has been created within the scheme.

An Architectural language has been developed in terms of differing layers of detail being applied to individual house types. “Premier”, “Enhanced” & “Traditional” versions of similar plan configurations / house types are proposed. The “Premier” style buildings are located at key positions within the site, the enhanced versions are generally located to establish place making characteristics, finally the traditional version complete the streets.

A deliberately clear spatial strategy exists whereby private space is located to the rear within perimeter blocks, semi private space is defined via walls & railings to the front & sides of individual houses. The main public realm areas are located to the front of the houses ensuring that privacy & security is maintained throughout the development. A rich palette of materials are proposed which should all weather in a sympathetic & gentle manner ensuring the character of the overall development is established early on in the scheme.

Grainge Architects Seabrook Orchards

We are excited to confirm we are just beginning to develop the detailed design of the next phase of the scheme. This element will both complete the Topsham Road frontage & most importantly deliver the new Church School to the heart of the scheme.

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