Master Planning New Housing Developments

Master Planning New Housing Developments

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The South West is experiencing a strong surge in demand in terms of new housing. Many sites which have previously been identified through the planning process and Local Plan are now being brought forward by developers and landowners, signifying an increase in market confidence.

Allocated sites whereby development is deemed to be appropriate by planning authorities still require significant input prior to being able to submit a planning application. Generally these sites require either the production of a development brief or masterplan prior to actually preparing a detailed planning application. Grainge Architects are very experienced in these areas of design and are currently working locally with South Hams District Council, Dartmoor National Park and Exeter City Council on schemes all of which have necessitated significant public consultation input in the early stages of the development process. Our work with community groups, parish councils and the wider public are key to achieving objectives and targets which will allow large scale developments to positively integrate within their community and location.

Working with a community group and gaining their trust requires a considerable investment in time. However the benefits are self apparent when the next stage of developing the actual planning application is undertaken in the knowledge that the community are supportive of the principles of the scheme.

Grainge Architects central ethos of listening carefully to stakeholders and developing a brief which reflects everyones hopes and aspirations is clearly evident in this process.

The accompanying illustrations refer to our schemes in Chagford and Blackawton which we developed whilst working on behalf of Cavanna Homes and C.G.Fry, two regional housing developers who are known for the quality of their products and for delivering well considered architecture.

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