Holsworthy Livestock Market under Construction

Holsworthy Livestock Market under Construction

Work on the new Cattle & Livestock Market at Holsworthy, Devon has commenced in earnest. The huge undertaking of earthworks began back in June after Morgan Sindell of Barnstaple were selected as the successful tenderer. The site was cleared and the existing poor ground conditions improved with lime stabilisation. The structural steel frame is now being erected to reveal the impressive size of the structure, with the main market building frame alone, being 130m x 60m.

The project team continue to focus on ensuring the functionality and aesthetics of such a large building are maintained whilst delivering a market that is fit for its immediate purpose and that will be flexible enough to adapt to an ever changing market place. After obtaining planning approval & developing the employers (Torridge District Council) detailed design requirements for the market, Grainge Architects are now acting as executive architects ensuring the contractor delivers the operators (Kivells) objectives.

Some of the more critical design criteria of the livestock market included areas such as modern animal movement and handling, water consumption, waste management and reducing running costs. We’ll post further progress updates as the building nears completion.

Grainge Architects Livestock Market  

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