Architect designed new 300sqm home for £350k!

Architect designed new 300sqm home for £350k!

A build cost of £1,166 per sqm can usually only be associated with a industrial shed type building, typically bespoke residential projects cost in the region of £1,500 – £2,500 per sqm.

When a young farming couple initially approached our practice regarding designing a fairly large new family home on their farmland, we where concerned their aspirations did not match their budget. As responsible architects we need to manage our clients expectations, ensuring the design is deliverable within the budget.

Whilst developing the project brief it became apparent that the floor area was going to be fairly large & this necessitated some clever thinking as to how the project could be delivered within the maximum budget the clients wished to commit to the project.

On a visit to the proposed site for the new building, we noticed a partially completed barn our farmer clients were in the process of building. It became apparent that the couple & their farm team were well versed in assembling simple barn structures. This was the moment the project changed from being a traditional build to a true self build scheme.

Our suggestion quickly became “what if you put a simple portal frame up as you have done may times before & a traditional builder assembles a house around the steel portal frame”.

The idea was born & we had a brief meeting with a steel fabricator who advised his buildings wobbled more than traditional houses. Stiffer members soon sorted that out & a frame was designed & priced for approximately £22k.

We then set about getting planning permission for the replacement of an existing farm tithe dwelling with a 21st century barn home, Teignbridge District Council approved the scheme earlier this year.

Detailed design commenced with a strict budget not to exceed £300k, excluding the steel frame and modest contingency (no vat on new buildings). Materials sympathetic to the surrounding farm buildings were chosen, including Big 6 profiled roof sheeting, blackened weather boarding & red brick. High performance glazing & curtain walling combined with an external solar shading system & galvanised rainwater goods completed the aesthetic of the building. The interior of the building include a double height atrium space over the principle open plan living area. A wood burning stove combined with underfloor heating & a highly insulated walling system combine to reduce the energy demand of the building. Maximising natural light & achieving good levels of natural ventilation are the key drivers in terms of the buildings large windows. An Attenuation Pond & Suds drainage system are all part of the final design.

Grainge Architects - 3d Image Grainge Architects - 3d Image Grainge Architects - 3d image

The project is currently under construction with completion planned for later this year, with the contingency allowance still in place we are confident the building will be delivered on time & on budget. This project demonstrates Grainge Architects commitment to achieving good design whilst working to a budget, most importantly we have done this & exceeded our clients expectations in terms of design quality.

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