Tiverton Pannier Market

A historic Victorian market reimagined and brought back to life.  

Reviving heritage, reshaping community: our award-winning project breathes new life into a historic Grade II listed market, transforming a car park into a vibrant urban space at the heart of Tiverton. 

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A conservation, urban design and community project to regenerate an existing Grade II listed pannier marker and surrounding public spaces. The original Victorian market building, handsomely constructed in cast iron and timber, had over the course of the 20th Century been altered in piecemeal fashion and its condition had deteriorated. The surrounding town square had become a car park. Alongside the refurbishment of the existing building, the scheme involved the creation of new pedestrian-priority urban landscaping to provide a more appropriate setting for the historic building.  

Public consultation and extensive liaison with existing market traders was imperative to establish the local community’s priorities for the market. The listed building was refurbished with a new glazed enclosure and the provision of new side stalls to form a defined market area. This was an award-winning marriage of contemporary and traditional architecture that has successfully reinvigorated the commercial heart of Tiverton. 

Project Details

Mid Devon District Council
Tiverton, Devon.