St Agnes Island Hall

Preserving history, shaping the future: our project revitalised St Agnes Island Community Hall, merging old and new, and embracing eco-friendly building practices on this remote Cornish Isle.

A renovation and extension to the St Agnes Island Community Hall to create an enlarged new centre incorporating the existing hall and new start-up workspaces, offices and exhibition space. Internally, a series of openable screens maximise the building’s flexibility of use. The project involved conservation work to the existing historic hall and sensitively designed, timber-framed construction for the new extension.

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St Agnes’ location, 25 miles off the Cornish coast, strongly affected the choice of construction materials and techniques as virtually all building materials must be shipped across from the mainland. The design applies principles of Passivhaus and BREEAM to ensure a sustainable build in keeping with the island’s ethos of self-sufficiency and low-impact architecture.

Project Details

Dawnus Construction / Council for the Isles of Scilly
St Agnes, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall