East-the-Water Wharves

Bideford, North Devon, UK.

Grainge Architects worked with North Devon Plus in the development of a Site Development Brief for this site, in pursuit of a high quality, mixed-use development. A priority was to create new destination within the town centre based on high quality leisure and retail, which maximises its riverside aspect and public open space.

The scheme offers original and innovative ideas to achieve a landmark scheme, with high quality architectural design and a materials palette appropriate to the historic setting and prominent location. It aims to provide a highly sustainable development, mixing high quality residential with retail and leisure elements, that will contribute to the economic growth and interest of the town centre.

The proposal evolved through consultation with the public realm whilst meeting strict planning and Environment Agency requirements. 

We initially worked with the local council to identify opportunities on this brownfield river side development and then went on to work with a developer to obtain a successful planning permission. A high quality design brought together a complex number of differing developer, site and community requirements and allowed permission for a residential scheme to be granted on this difficult urban regeneration site.

Grainge Architects - East-the-Water
Grainge Architects - East-the-Water