Crediton Town Square

Crediton, Devon, UK.

Crediton historically lacked a town square, and Grainge Architects worked with a local community campaigning group to fight a public enquiry to establish this site as community space rather than further housing development. Subsequently funding by SW Regional Development Agency and the Local Authority led to the successful formation of this space.

The works entailed the opening out of the pannier market buildings onto an attractive new oval-shaped public space with well-considered landscaping, lighting and seating. The existing street finishes and furniture around the edges of the new hub were also improved and opportunities were created for further square-forming perimeter developments. 

The square is now regularly used for fortnightly farmers' markets, annual open-air theatre and other community events, in addition to its daily presence as a tranquil social space in the heart of the town.


"By far the best thing to have happened to Crediton was the creation of an excellent public square which now provides a focal point off the main street. The square is not only a pleasant open space, but its creation has inspired a flurry of new businesses"
Western Morning News

Grainge Architects - Crediton Town Square
Grainge Architects - Crediton Town Square
Grainge Architects - Crediton Town Square