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Teignmouth Church

Re-ordering – Church of Our Lady & St Patrick, Teignmouth

A number of earlier interventions dating from the 1960s had left this church in a sad state:  original decorative wall panels crudely painted over; moving of font into an unusable position; introduction of heavy, uncomfortable and inflexible pews; ugly and inadequate lighting.  Ancillary accommodation – kitchen, wcs etc – were inadequate.  Being on a steep hill and busy road access was difficult, hazardous and unwelcoming.  Heating was antiquated and ineffectual.

The re-ordering involved extensive consultation with the Parish Priest, the Parish Pastoral Committee and the congregation, as well as (being a Grade II listed building) the Historic Churches Committee, English Heritage and the local District Council.

The re-ordering has improved access, provided more usable and flexible accommodation and facilities, and has transformed the previously dark and forbidding premises into a light, warm, welcoming church while preserving and enhancing original historic features – reflecting the ethos of its congregation in its relationship to the community it serves.