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Let's Go Superbowl, Barnstaple

This fast track leisure development, part new-build and part refurbishment brings new commercial life to an existing ageing 10-pin bowling alley.

A relatively modest amount of re-building and a new façade have enabled the provision of a significant increase in facilities and lettable space and the “re-branding” of the complex.

The centre now provides 10-pin bowling and associated activities, skating rink (using contemporary polymer-based dry systems requiring no special structural support or cooling plant.) a Burger King drive-through restaurant with kitchen and associated shared entrance and facilities.




"I continually remain impressed by Grainge Architects' innovative designs and very attentive approach to the many projects we have now completed together. Without exception, every scheme was brilliantly managed, from design through planning and the build itself."

- Simon Maunder, Let's Go Group