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Darts Farm, Topsham, Exeter

The Darts Farm complex started life as a simple pick-your-own farm shop outlet but has developed to become an up-market out-of-town shopping village, having introduced a number of prestigious retailers (AGA, Fired Earth, Cotswold Leisure and others) but retaining its distinctive 'farm' atmosphere with its own and other local produce including a very successful restaurant.  It has been named national "Farm Shop of the Year" on a number of occasions.

Grainge Architects have been involved in a series of upgrades and development over a 10-year span, helping through its architecture to maintain the complex's unique character and ethos. These have varied in size and scale including extensions and outbuildings for additional retail space, a large solar panel array, alterations to canopies, the original design fundamentals of the new nearby cycle bridge, and the new bird hide.